Ivan Tumanov (itumanov) wrote,
Ivan Tumanov

Cojo on Maxim Lounge Radio

Cojo the Art Juggernaut was at the Maxim Lounge on Sirius radio about a month and a half ago. I just came across his blog entry about it, and he's got an MP3 of the show. Listening to it now, very funny stuff. Here's what Cojo mentions in his blog entry:

They brought me into the Maxim lounge and before I got seated they handed me a full glass of Absinth . . . They had already been drinking it for the hour prior to my arrival, so they said I had to catch up. I knew this show was gonna be crazy.

Funny stuff. Also Cojo has his take on the whole Mohammed cartoon situation. Oh, and while you're looking at his stuff, pop over to Sketch365.com - he's got 156 out of 365 drawn already.
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